EAA Chapter 631


Shell Lake Young Eagles 8-17


    I tried to look through our Chapter Photographer, Dave Misner's photographs for some good pictures to use.   WOW INDEED - they're just simply all absolutely terrific, and thus here they are for your viewing enjoyment!      Great Job Dave!



     The blissful happiness and peace that surrounds

    the beginning of a grand Chapter 631 flying event.

        Why the paperwork is done so well.  

                  Does he do taxes too?

               "Wow, Ma, That guy knows his stuff!"   

         "Son, There I was - and the Red Baron was

            coming at me from out of the sun." 



Very fuel efficient!  Runs 1/2 on Avgas and 1/2 on good looks! 



            Next stop is the Air Force Academy.

       Two happy aviators - successful mission for sure.

         Growing up fast - A most confident young man. 


          "Mister, Can you fly me to the moon in this?" 


     A little bit of Downtime to recharge the batteries. 

   There's a new aircraft builder in our Chapter's future. 

       A Valedictorian learning from a true Professor. 

         Can he get a Young Eagle to smile like this

                 without flying upside down?

      The figuring out the seat belts is the hard part -

                   the flying that's next you'll see is easy. 


      Mr. President,  That Young Eagle looks like he'd be

              a real good co-pilot on a trip to Tokyo!

            Safe and Secure - Ready to go. 

            One of the finest experiences she will

        surely remember all her life.  Another great job!

        A well deserved break!  Congratulations men! 


           He indeed needs to begin lessons now. 

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