EAA Chapter 631


Cumberland Chapter Meeting 11-2017

     If I may share with the whole EAA Chapter Family - and with the whole world.  If you missed this November Chapter meeting, you really missed out on something wonderful.  I was seriously thinking while driving home - what airport in the whole State of Wisconsin would have ever had a business meeting with a quality meal served comparing with Bona Casa Ravioli?  Really?  Wasn't that just absolutely total-deliciously terrific?  Alongside was a superb casserole - (and I believe the Secretary will graciously share the recipe he got for a mere $25.00 disclosure fee.)     : -)                                            Then the apple crisp desert - Oh Wow, What a night!    Those chocolate covered bars just kept disappearing.           


                              Leading the Pack - 'This is how it's done folks!' 


             The airport mascot even slept like a baby after a good meal!

New lighted Chapter Hats - No IOUs accepted here tonight. 

The Treasurer needed to see, and feel, the cold CASH $$$$$$ first!

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Tuesday, Nov 5 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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