EAA Chapter 631


Chetek Young Eagle Flights 7-2017

                       A Master Builder and his dream


                  A very happy lad - flown by a happy lad!

                         A thorough lesson in progress. 


 A precious memory was to see the boy's face with a new logbook.


      The Young Eagles Coordinator delighting many youth.


     The morning Formation - Truly 'Pre-Flight'!


          They say the President's airplane is called Air Force 1? 


                 Harrison Ford would love this Harrison"s Hawk


             "This flight beats Mom's apple pie a whole bunch!" 


   The Brush Ape - and you thought the apes were only in the jungles. 


            An experience he looks like he will never forget. 


They are happy to be home - Capt. Bob kept wanting to fly to Tokyo. 


Jack has sure brought smiles to many, many faces over the years! 


         Chuck will see these guys flying for Delta someday.


                         A real classic flight for this gal. 


               Autopilot can keep it pretty level to touchdown.


                 Sure it is official!  I got it right here in the log.


                                           Family time 

                      Happiness is:    A great flight.


   Just sign here and you can serve in the US Marine Corps!


                A landing as soft as a feather bed. 


      Doesn't that wonderful smile say that it is all worth it?


               A Super Cruiser that is really Super! 



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