Chapter Airplanes & Young Eagle Flights Chapter Airplanes & Young Eagle Flights Chuck Aldrian flying Young Eagles 2009 138371255 Chuck Aldrian's Maule MT7-260 138371256 Jack Avery's home built Glastar on floats at Oshkosh - 2003 138371257 Kirby Crawford's Rans S-7 Courier home built 138371258 Bill Cyr's C172 at the 2011 chapter picnic at Gillette's Lakewood Lodge 138371259 Bill Fucik flying a Young Eagle in his J-3 Cub at Karis Field 1999 138371260 Bob & Judy Gillette at Log Cabin fly-in 2009 138371261 Bob Gillette flying Young Eagles at Rice Lake 2009 138371262 Bob Gillette landing his Maule M-5-200 138371263 Chuck Harrison's Cessna 172 F at a chapter Young Eagle event 2009 138371264 Doug Karris's J-3 Cub at the Shell Lake fly-in 2003 138371265 Ed Knutson flying his home built Glasair 2S 138371266 Ed Knutson landing a Young Eagle aboard, Cumberland 2010 138371267 Ed Knutson landing with a Young Eagle aboard, Cumberland 2010 138371268 Ed Knutson with Young Eagle at Rice Lake 2005 138371269 Jerry Krisik landing his home built RV-7 with a young eagle aboard 138371270 Dick Leitner with his Ercoup 415C at Rice Lake 2011 138371271 Dave Ludvigson's Piper 140, Cumberland Young Eagles 2010 138371272 Dave Ludvigson's Piper 140, Cumberland Young Eagles 2010 138371273 Al Lund's yellow Howard at the Lakewood Lodge picnic 2010 138371274 Al Lund's red Howard at Log Cabin fly-in 2007 138371275 Mike Nelms with his Trinidad TB-20 at Prairie du Chien 2002 138371276 Dick Nelson flying his Ultra Pup to Boyceville on a beautiful fall day 138371277 Bob Nelson working on a home built Sky Raider at Shell Lake - 2000 138371278 Dick Nelson with his Ultra Pup at Karis Field 138371279 Dick Nelson with Ultra Pup at Boyceville fly-in 2005 138371280 Dick Nelson's Grumman Yankee at Amery fly-in 2000 138371281 Dick Nerling's PA-22 Pacer at Boyceville 2011 138371282 Jack Avery and Joe Rounce with Joe's restored J-3 Cub, Shell Lake 2001 138371283 Joe Rounce and Bill Nelson in Bill's Stearman at Amery 2000 138371284 Joe Rounce at the Chapter picnic, Karis Field 1999 138371285 Joe Rounce's plans built Witch Hawk at Shell Lake 1999 138371286 Larry Schlasinger's Yak-52 at the Boyceville fly-in 138371287 Larry Schlasinger at the Cumberland Fly-in 2003 138371288 Larry Schlasinger 138371289 Larry Schlasinger departing the chapter picnic at Lakewood Lodge 2009 138371290 Judy and Al Seierstad with their Pipper Arrow at the Srum fly-in 2008 138371291 Howard Thalacker's Globe Swift at the Rice Lake fly-in 2005 138371292 Bob Triplett's Restored Cessna 195 at Rice Lake 2000 138371293 Bob & Joyce Triplett arrive at Lakewood Lodge in his their experimental Cub 2010 138371294 Bob Triplett doing some night flying in his Experimental Cub 2010 138371295 Bob Triplett's Experimental Cub at Rice Lake 2010 138371296 Doug Ward with one of his many J-3 Cub's at Log Cabin Airport 2005 138371297 Don White's Stinson Voyager 108 at Karis Field 1999 138371298 Don White with his Whitman Tailwind plans built project, Cumberland 2003 138371299 Mark Zimmer arriving at Lakewood Lodge in his Piper Pacer 2010 138371300