Member's Airplanes Member's Airplanes N2166V Jeff Potocnik's Cessna 140 156716461 N185BR Patrick Fox's Skywagon at Johnson Creek, June, 2011 134820742 Dick Nerling's Pacer 156773350 Doug Karis's C-182 156773347 Al Lund's Beach 18 156773352 N7223K Patrick Fox's Supercub on the way to the Bell Lake Fly-in December, 2008 134820743 N500JA Chuck Aldrian on a dog-leg final landing at Lakewood Lodge in his Maule. 134822956 N1171Q Richard Nelson's Ultra Pup. 135674518 N56501 President Bob Gillette's Maule in Ft. Meyers, FL. 135674861 N7081A Tom Nanstad's C172A with his dog Brandy at Will Be Gone Airstrip in Birchwood. 136617400 Patrick Fox's Supercub on Loyhead Lake 156773348 Tim Knutson's Navy N-3-N At his airstrip SW of Chetek 156773349 Bob Gillette's Luscombe Grassroots Antique fly-in at Brodhead, WI 156773351